Dog Figures Out How To Hit Owner’s Snooze Button On Alarm Clock (Video)

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One man couldn't figure out why he kept oversleeping. Every night he would set his alarm. And every morning, the alarm wouldn't go off on time.

As it turns out, no one likes the sound of their alarm clock going off in the morning, not even dogs.

A video posted on Reddit shows a Boxer hitting the snooze button with his paw as soon as he hears his owner's alarm clock go off.

“So today I found out why I have been waking up late. My boxer Kermit has been snoozing my alarm, this alarm has a snooze button that has to be held to activate. He apparently is aware of this feature haha!” Reddit user davewtameloncamp wrote.

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The alarm clock is no match for the persistent dog.

Sources: Daily Mail, Reddit