Dad Teaches Son A Lesson For Slamming His Bedroom Door

| by Kathryn Schroeder

A father devised a creative way to teach his door-slamming son a lesson: cut the teen’s bedroom door in half.

“When your brother gets his door cut in half as punishment for slamming his door,” the caption reads of an image posted to Reddit of the punished teen standing behind his now half-size door.

It was the teen’s father who decided to cut the door in half after having it slammed in his face one too many times.

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The image was later posted to Facebook and others shared stories of how their parents reacted to poor door behavior, LittleThings reports.

“My Father made me walk of the house, close the screen door and walk down the porch steps 100 times," one Facebook user commented. "I didn’t run out of the house slamming the door any more."

“My parents removed the entire door," another said. "Then gave it back to me for Christmas. Bow and all. Lesson learned."

Sources: DutchBandit/Reddit, Little Things / Photo Credit: Alf Altendorf/Flickr, DutchBandit/Reddit

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