Young Couple Sentenced To 60 Years In Prison For Neglecting, Starving Their Baby

| by Jonathan Wolfe

Two young Texas ‘parents’ were just sentenced to 60 years in prison after it was revealed that they had neglected and starved their child for months.

The couple, 21-year-olds Justin and Brittany Alston, reportedly told investigators that they didn’t feed their child “because they had better things to do.” When asked for an example of what better things she had to do, the mother said “like getting the oil changed in my car.”

The couple seems to have been brutally honest with investigators. Fox Dallas – Fort Worth reports that the young parents admitted that they valued drinking and smoking over taking care of their child.

The malnourished baby, named Riley, was discovered by a 19-year-old attending a party at the couple’s house. The teenager heard a faint cry from a room in the house and went to see what was wrong. Upon entering the baby’s room, the teen saw a gaunt Riley laying in his own feces, urine, and vomit. An adult was called to the couple’s house and took Riley to a local hospital. 

Doctors initially didn’t think Riley would live. He was fed via an IV until his body accepted food. After being nourished back to health, Riley was placed in the care of a foster family. Riley is now being properly fed and has regained the signature baby fat every healthy child should have.

“These parents, I don’t know if they wanted him to die but they were waiting for him to die and I believe if he had they’d have thrown him in the trash,” Hood County District Attorney Robert Christian said.

The picture below shows the malnourished Riley on the left contrasted with the happy, healthy version of himself just months later.

"The foster mother is not a nurse. All she did was feed this baby," Christian said. "The only difference between the pictures is a few months and food."

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