Teenager Brutally Murdered In Street Fight (Video)

| by Emily Smith
Women fight in the street Women fight in the street

Nine Georgia residents were arrested after a street brawl that led to one teenager’s murder (video below).

In what one witness called “an atrocity,” according to NY Daily News, 18-year-old Demajhay Bell was killed in a street fight. The fight started as a mob of 30 to 50 people went to a Hephzibah home to fight a 15-year-old girl. Although nine were arrested, more are wanted by police.

The crowd was armed with bats, pipes and knives. There is also footage of the event that occurred on March 18. The footage involves two women brutally beating and punching each other in the street. Onlookers, including men in baseball bats, stop in the middle of the street.

One driver attempts to weave a car through the crowd of people.

At some point, Bell left his home and was stabbed in the back by 21-year-old Demetrius Harris. Bell can be seen emerging from his home with blood gushing from his neck in the extremely violent footage.

Eyvette Byrd, the 15-year-old girl’s mother, said she tried to drive Bell to the hospital. However, she got sidetracked when the fight became more intense.

“He was friends with the person who stabbed him,” Richmond County Sheriff Richard Roundtree said. “This is the epitome of a senseless murder.”

Bell died later at the hospital, WKRN reported. He was not an active participant in the fight.

By the time police showed up at the scene the brawlers had scattered. 

Sources: NY Daily News, WKRN / Photo credit: NY Daily News

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