Video: Rev. Maurice Blanchard Arrested While Protesting for Same-Sex Marriage

| by Michael Allen

The Rev. Maurice “Bojangles” Blanchard, a Baptist minister, recently protested for gay marriage by refusing to leave the county clerk’s office in Louisville, Kentucky, until he and his male partner Dominique James received a marriage license.

Rev. Blanchard told the Louisville Courier-Journal that he and his gay partner would not be “silent accomplices to our own discrimination” (video below).

Rev. Blanchard said: "We’re here today to give nonviolence witness and let folks know that even people of faith, most definitely people of faith, are going to stand up to and say this is wrong... "

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"We anticipate being denied and upon that denial we are going to sit down and not be moved and not leave as a sign of a method of nonviolent resistance. Because we feel if we do not resist we’re silent accomplices to our own discrimination."