Video: Burglar Gregory Bruni Held at Gunpoint by Homeowners, Masturbates, Defecates in House

| by Michael Allen

Gregory Bruni was recently held at gunpoint by a Fort Myers, Fla. homeowner whose house Bruni allegedly tried to rob while naked.

The naked Bruni allegedly broke in to steal a television, but was immediately caught by the unidentified residents. 

The homeowner's wife shot at Bruni three times with a .38 revolver, but missed. Her husband then held Bruni at gunpoint with a 12-gauge shotgun and called the police.

Unfortunately, before police could arrive, Bruni reportedly masturbated and defecated in the home.

In his 911 call, the husband said: “He dropped off my roof and run right in my house. He’s laying on my floor. He run in my f*cking house naked, hooting and hollering and tearing shit up... Lay down, motherf*cker, lay down."

Bruni was taken to Lee Memorial Hospital and is facing two charges of criminal mischief, battery, occupied burglary and resisting without violence.

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