Man Jumps Train Station Turnstile, Knocks Himself Unconscious (Video)

| by Emily Smith

Rather than pay for a train ticket, fare dodger Zossima Sozonov jumped a turnstile and learned a valuable lesson in the process.

The middle-aged man was at the Klovsk station when the accident occurred.

The embarrassing tumble left Sozonov with a fractured skull and blood streaming down his face.

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“We don't make the barriers very high because we hope that people will respect the need to pay for the service,” Kiev metro operator spokesperson Leo Aksakov said. “It's more of a symbolic gesture just to remind people more than anything else.”

Security staff who witnessed the incident recorded it and then released the video footage to the public as a warning to other fare dodgers.

“It seems that even a symbolic gesture was too much for this man, who we hope will think twice before attempting to avoid buying a ticket, and serve as a warning to others,” Aksakov said.

According to Aksakov, Sozonov was unconscious for 10 seconds following his stunt.

Sources: Daily Mail, Mirror / Photo Credit: YouTube