Shocking Video Shows Girl Being Encouraged To Beat Younger Child (Video)

| by Sean Kelly

A disturbing video clip (below) surfaced this week that shows a girl being encouraged by adults to beat up a younger girl.

In the clip, a 5-year-old girl is seen sitting on an air conditioning unit. An older girl, said to be 8 years old, approaches the younger girl and pushes her off the unit. 

“Go up to her face,” an adult is heard saying as the older girl continues to taunt the 5-year-old. The 8-year-old then begins to intensely beat the child, while the adults encourage her.

The video was first shared by after a concerned relative passed it on. New York Police have been notified of the video. When and where the video was taken remains unclear.

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Watch the shocking clip below.

Sources: My Fox Philly, Media Take Out / Photo credit: