Professional Model and Surfer Arrested And Charged With Attempted Murder For Attack on 73-Year-Old Woman

| by Dominic Kelly

A professional surfer and model has been charged with attempted murder after a road rage-fueled attack on a 73-year-old woman.

30-year-old Jill Hansen, a professional surfer and model, reportedly followed the 73-year-old Elizabeth Conklin to her Hawaiian apartment and ran her down. As Hansen prepared to back up and run her over a second time, Chris Khory, an employee at the apartment complex, stopped the crazed woman by using a crow bar to smash her back window. Hansen immediately fled the scene, and Conklin was taken to a hospital to be treated for injuries.

Police later arrested Hansen and formally charged her with attempted murder, and her bail is currently set at $1 million. According to reports, Hansen has a history of driving-related issues, and people in Honolulu already know who she is because of past incidents. The Daily Mail reports that a member of the Maunalani Heights Neighborhood Security Watch sent out a letter warning residents of Hansen’s driving just last year.

“We needed everybody on the lookout for her - that's how scary it was,” said the unidentified member. “All 500 members were eventually brought into the loop of this situation because it was so serious. There were probably over half a dozen people that had been adversely affected by her driving. Two people almost run over by her, one person almost had a head-on collision with her.”

Hansen also apparently attempted to hire a hit man on Facebook to kill her father at some point in the past, and in a separate case, she was ordered to undergo a mental evalulation.

Conklin is reportedly still in the hospital recovering from her injuries, and doctors say she is in serious condition.