Odessa Clay Arrested for Giving her 11-Year-Old Daughter a Tattoo

| by Michael Allen

Odessa Clay was arrested, this September, for tattooing her unidentified 11-year-old daughter last year.

The Pamlico County, North Carolina mom told police that her daughter wanted a heart tatooo above her right shoulder so she gave her one, not knowing it was illegal to tattoo a person under 18, reports WCTI-12.

Clay, who used her own tools and numbed her daughter's arm, told WCTI-12: "She asked me to do it. I didn't fill it in."

The heavily-tattooed mom said that she thought tattoos were legal as long as the parent gave consent.

Clay said that she believes her ex in-laws reported the tattoo because she filed a complaint against her daughter's grandfather for undisclosed reasons.

Clay's criminal record includes charges of larceny, possession of drug paraphernalia and stolen goods.

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