Missouri Teens Reportedly Kill Woman At Car Wash

| by Sean Kelly
two teens suspected of killing a missouri woman at a car washtwo teens suspected of killing a missouri woman at a car wash

Two eighth grade students allegedly killed a 43-year-old woman at a car wash in Kansas City, Missouri.

Around 1:14 a.m. on Nov. 1, Tanya Chamberlain was seen in surveillance video vacuuming her car, according to KSLA. At around 1:51 a.m., the two suspects were spotted nearby. Several minutes later, the camera caught them getting into Chamberlain’s car while she was in the front seat.

Two minutes later, the surveillance camera was automatically shut down in order to reboot for Daylight Savings Time. When the camera began operating again, the car was gone.

According to court documents, the teens left in the vehicle with Chamberlain’s dead body propped up in the front seat. Police pulled the car over 20 minutes later for what appeared to be intoxicated driving. The teens fled from the car and authorities lost track of them after a short foot pursuit.

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Inside the car, officers found a blood-covered pocket knife.

“I just want to know why,” Chamberlain’s friend, Jeremiah Persinger, told KCTV5, reported New York Daily News. "What would make you want to do something like that to a defenseless lady."

The two suspects, 13 and 14, were subsequently identified as students at Bernard C. Campbell Middle School. They reportedly showed up to school the day after Chamberlain’s murder, wearing the same sweatshirts that they wore at the time of the killing.

Warrants were reportedly obtained for the boys’ homes and school lockers, where clothing was taken that matched the outfits seen in the surveillance video. 

Both teens made incriminating statements during police interviews. It has not yet been determined whether they will be charged as adults or juveniles.

Sources: KSLANew York Daily News / Photo credit: New York Daily News, KSLA