Man Who Broke Into Home Completely Naked And Attempted To Steal A Baby Blames It On 'Bad Weed'

| by Dominic Kelly

A Maryland man who broke into a home completely naked, choked a woman, and attempted to steal her baby blames the incident on “bad weed.”

In the middle of the afternoon on March 25, 22-year-old Paul Mounombi reportedly stormed into a neighbor’s apartment completely naked after already going on a rampage at the apartment complex, smashing air conditioner units with dumbbells and generally wreaking havoc.

Mounombi eventually used a lawn chair to force his way into a neighbor’s apartment window and attempted to kidnap a seven-month-old baby. The suspect reportedly punched and choked the baby’s mother as he screamed, “Call me your king! Bow to me!” Before leaving the apartment, he reportedly turned on the victim’s kitchen stove and broiler.

Police responded to multiple calls at the apartment complex and found Mounombi pacing in a forest nearby. Mounombi’s roommate reportedly told police that the rampage was to be blamed on “bad weed.”

“That must have been some really bad weed! I mean marijuana usually doesn't promote that kind of response," resident Dan Jones told WJLA. "I wouldn't believe that if I were the police. I think there was something else going on. I've got a 4-year-old daughter and a pregnant wife. If he had broken into our home, I don't know what would have happened. I’m just glad no one was hurt.”

“Wow! If he's taking bad weed then it's bad for him,” neighbor Chaitanya Dubey said. “If he's running around naked then that's bad for the community. As for entering a house, that goes to a very different level of insanity.”

Mounombi was reportedly evicted from the apartment following his arrest, and the victim has since moved to a new neighborhood with her daughter.

Sources: WJLA, Gawker / Photo Sources: WJLA, Gawker

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