Man Punches Girl Through Glass Window In Restaurant Brawl (Video)

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Police arrested a 29-year-old man on charges of assault and criminal damage after a brutal fight at Totnes Grill in Totnes, a town in England, last weekend.

Footage captured a standoff between the restaurant staff and a group of people in the doorway.

A blonde girl is seen kicking towards the groin of a man in a green hooded top. The man quickly aims a punch at her in retaliation.

The girl punches back, but pays the price when the man strikes her and sends her through a pane of glass in the shop front doorway.

A mass fight quickly occurs inside the restaurant, which was all capture on video and uploaded on YouTube.

Police were called in to the Totnes “kebab house” after receiving reports of a group of about 20 youths who were trying to into the restaurant, the Torquay Herald Express reports.

“Evidence [is] being gathered. Due to the nature of the offences there are numerous other witnesses who need to be interviewed,” one police official told the Herald Express.

The man arrested in connection to the brawl has since been bailed out. One female was treated for facial injuries.

Meanwhile the video has gone viral, having been viewed about half a million times so far, according to The Telegraph.

You can watch the video of the brawl below. Warning: graphic content.

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