Man Accused of Groping Female Employees of Haunted House

| by Michael Allen

Ameet Kumar allegedly groped two female employees at a haunted house in Aurora, Illinois, over the weekend.

Kumar was charged last Sunday with two counts of battery.

An unidentified 20-year-old female employee claimed that Kumar grabbed her buttocks, while a 40-year-old female accused Kumar of inappropriately touching her as he left the house, reports The Beacon News.

In Montgomery, Illinois, a mother and daughter claim they were harassed by two clowns with sex toys at the Massacre Haunted House on Oct. 11, noted the Daily Herald.

According to a lawsuit filed against the haunted house by Regina Janito, two employees carrying “adult toys” approached her and her 17-year-old daughter in the haunted house parking lot.

One of the employees, Robert Keller, allegedly began poking the teen with a sex toy. He was charged with battery and disorderly conduct.

Sources: The Beacon News, Daily Herald (Image Credit: Aurora Police Department Media Handout)