‘I Just Saw Someone Die’: Missouri Rapper Live-Tweets Michael Brown Shooting In Ferguson

| by Khier Casino

A rapper was at his Ferguson, Missouri, home around noon last Saturday when he saw from his window a police officer fatally shoot a teen.

The 27-year-old hip hop artist, who goes by the stage name Thee Pharaoh, live-tweeted the shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown and situation following the incident.


— Bruh. (@TheePharoah) August 9, 2014

Im about to hyperventilate

— Bruh. (@TheePharoah) August 9, 2014

The rapper then tweeted a disturbing photo taken from his backyard showing Michael Brown’s dead body in the middle of the street. He admitted that he was upset by what occurred, describing the scene with “blood all over the street” and crime scene tape around his apartment building. (Warning: the following contains graphic content.)

@allovevie the police just shot someone dead in front of my crib yo

— Bruh. (@TheePharoah) August 9, 2014

Its blood all over the street, niggas protesting nshit. There is police tape all over my building. I am stuck in here omg

— Bruh. (@TheePharoah) August 9, 2014

Bruh. Im so upset

— Bruh. (@TheePharoah) August 9, 2014

When asked by a Twitter follower why Brown was shot, Thee Pharaoh replied that there was no reason.

@_amourlace no reason! He was running!

— Bruh. (@TheePharoah) August 9, 2014

I saw it happen man..

— Bruh. (@TheePharoah) August 9, 2014

According to Mashable, officer Wilson encountered Brown and another man on the street around noon local time, Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson said Friday. The initial confrontation started when Brown and a friend were "walking down the street blocking traffic.”

@AlexDon314 yes man, he dead in the street.

— Bruh. (@TheePharoah) August 9, 2014

An eyewitness to the shooting told CNN that Brown ran about 20 feet before he was gunned down. Thee Pharaoh tweeted something similar.

@DomoTheTruth dude was running and the cops just shot.him. i saw him die bruh

— Bruh. (@TheePharoah) August 9, 2014

The rapper said he saw the teenager get shot at least seven times.

@DomoTheTruth he looked like 18 or 19. His parents out here tripping now

— Bruh. (@TheePharoah) August 9, 2014

@SLIKK_DARKO yeah man. 7 times i think

— Bruh. (@TheePharoah) August 9, 2014

The witness says two of those shots were from behind. Then, there was a “barrage” after Brown turned around.

@SLIKK_DARKO the first two was, the next 5 werent, he turned around

— Bruh. (@TheePharoah) August 9, 2014

The first two was clear, then it was a barage of them shits

— Bruh. (@TheePharoah) August 9, 2014

The police then responded to the area, with Thee Pharaoh posting a photo of a rifle-toting officer. It’s unclear if this officer took part in the shooting.

Nigga got an AR

— Bruh. (@TheePharoah) August 9, 2014

Hours after the shooting, the Twitter user said that Brown’s body was still lying in the street.

Homie still on the ground tho

— Bruh. (@TheePharoah) August 9, 2014

Thee Pharaoh thanked his friends on Sunday for making sure he was alright. He said on Wednesday that he would stop tweeting about what he saw.

Thanks to everybody that checked on me, I love yall, Ima be safe. Yall be safe too.

— Bruh. (@TheePharoah) August 11, 2014


— Bruh. (@TheePharoah) August 13, 2014

Since his tweets, his friends have advised him to hire a lawyer and stay out of the spotlight and not speak to reporters.

@TheePharoah PLEASE stay safe. You're the most important person in America right now.

— NoJusticeNoPeace (@jcos24) August 13, 2014

@TheePharoah please be careful bro. Stay lowkey man.

— Christian Fitzgerald (@GhostInThaRoom) August 13, 2014

@TheePharoah Lawyer up. Don't speak with media. I'm serious, brother. Please get a lawyer.

— Willie Slater (@WilhSlater) August 13, 2014

Thee Pharaoh’s tweets were originally discovered by Tim Dickinson, a reporter for Rolling Stone.

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Photo Source: Twitter/Thee Pharoah