Hannah Sabata Robs Bank, Brags on YouTube, Gets Arrested

| by Michael Allen

Police say Hannah Sabata, who is accused of robbing a bank in Waco, Nebraska, posted a video on YouTube bragging about the crime (video below). 

York County Sheriff Dale Radcliff told KETV-TV that the video will be used as evidence against Sabata in connection with a robbery at the Cornerstone Bank.

She faces robbery and theft charges, reports KETV-TV.       

The video was posted the same day Sabata was arrested and shows a woman holding handwritten signs that say she robbed a bank and stole a car. She then holds a bundle of money in front of the camera, all set to music.

The video caption says: "I just stole a car and robbed a bank. Now I'm rich, I can pay off my college financial aid, and tomorrow I'm going for a shopping spree."

The woman also laments how authorities took her baby and charged her with neglect.

KETV-TV obtained Sabata’s records, which shows the state took her son away last month, weeks before the robbery.

Police found the cash, sunglasses, a pink backpack and license plates from the stolen vehicle in Sabata’s house, which were seen in the bank’s surveillance video.

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