Gay Man Attacked at Gay Pride Festival in Detroit (Video)

| by Michael Allen

Christin Howard, a gay man, was beaten by a group of young men on Sunday at Detroit’s Motor City Pride event.

Five to eight men attacked Howard, who was beaten to the ground, while a bystander filmed the assault (video below).

Howard said he was taking a picture with a friend when the group of men began surrounding him, hurling homophobic insults and making threats.

“Then somebody said they had a gun,” Howard told WXYZ.

Howard works as a hairstylist, but cannot cut hair until his injuries heal. The traumatic event has left him sleepless since Sunday.

“Will I go back to pride?" stated Howard. "I’m kind of iffy about it right now, because I don’t want that incident to happen again. What if the same guys are there?”

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According to the New York Daily News, police were given a copy of the video, but have not made any arrests as of yet.

Sources: New York Daily NewsWXYZ