Man Rides On Hood Of Car For 11 Miles

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Pennsylvania State Police arrested a Pittsburgh man who drove 11 miles with another man clinging to the hood of the car after the two got into an argument.

Police received multiple 911 calls reporting the bizarre scene of Steven Sutton, 36, hanging off an SUV and apprehended Dwayne Harvard, 46, in Harrison Township.

Harvard maintained his innocence and stressed that he had been afraid for his life.

Harvard claimed that Sutton started an argument with him after becoming angry that Harvard was spending time with Sutton’s girlfriend, Anna Mazzetti, and had given her a ride home.

“He took a cinder block and he was trying to hit the truck,” said Harvard to WTAE. "I said, ‘calm down. You put the block down.'”

Mazzetti corroborated Harvard's claims and told WPXI that Sutton had been furious. She and Harvard had locked the car doors out of fear.

Harvard tried to drive off which is when he hit Sutton with the car, according to police. Harvard, however, claims that Sutton jumped on to the hood of the car.

Sutton held on to the hood and Harvard proceeded to drive over 10 miles through numerous townships and even onto Route 28 North. Security cameras caught footage of Sutton on Harvard’s SUV.

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To the question of why Harvard didn't stop the car, Mazzetti told WPXI: "And we did try to stop the vehicle. He got completely violent like he was going to kill us both ... Nobody in their right mind would stop the vehicle."

Harvard said he was afraid that Sutton might have had a gun and could have shot him or Mazzetti. Police did not find a gun on Sutton.

“I called 911 myself and I let him know who I was,” said Harvard to WTAE. “I said, ‘Listen, my name is Dwayne Harvard,’ I said, ‘I got this guy on my hood.'”

Emergency dispatchers directed Harvard to an exit in Kittanning. When Harvard finally stopped the car, he said he was surprised when he was arrested. Both he and Sutton were detained and interviewed, but police arrested Harvard and charged him simple assault, aggravated assault, reckless endangerment, and DUI.

Harvard was taken to jail, but he posted bond and was released. He plans to fight the charges and hopes police will continue to investigate the case.

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