Drunken Handicap Scooter Bumper Car Competition at Wal-Mart

| by Michael Allen

An early morning game of drunken bumper cars, using Walmart handicap scooters, was broken up on Saturday morning by Louisiana cops who arrested 22-year-old Christopher Butler who admitted to driving to the store while intoxicated.

Officers with the West Monroe Police Department arrived at the Walmart around 2:30 a.m. in response to a call about a disturbance. Store management told cops that a group of intoxicated suspects were “playing ‘bumper cars’ with the handicap scooters in the store."

A police sergeant contacted Butler, who appeared “very intoxicated.” Butler admitted driving his 2004 Ford truck to the retailer after consuming “five to six beers.” A subsequent Breathalyzer recorded Butler’s blood alcohol content as .133 (the legal limit is .08).

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Butler’s fellow bumper car enthusiasts apparently escaped arrest.