Drunk Wife Shows Up To Husband's DWI Arrest (Video)

| by Amanda Andrade-Rhoades

James Quintana, 47, was pulled over for his sixth DWI in Santa Fe, New Mexico, on June 9, outside of a sports bar. His wife reportedly drove up to the scene of his arrest -- but instead of helping, she made things a whole lot worse.

Quintana’s wife, 41-year-old Cherity Roybal-Vigil pulled up to the scene in her car reportedly reeking of alcohol. In the backseat of her car was her 11-year-old son.

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“It kind of questions judgement right? When you have someone who's showing up at a scene with police officers -- drunk,” Juan Rios, spokesman for the Santa Fe County Sheriff's Office, told KRQE.

Using a breathalyzer, officers determined Roybal-Vigil's blood alcohol content was 0.15, more than twice the legal limit. When asked how much alcohol she had, Roybal-Vigil replies, “I’ve had two glasses of wine and my mother’s on her way here.”

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The average American throws away 82lbs of clothes:

The family’s encounter with police was captured on the officer’s dashboard camera (video below).

“I have to work from 5 o’clock in the morning to f**** 3 in the afternoon, so…” she tells the deputy while taking a field sobriety test.

The deputy criticizes her for not taking the test seriously. 

She was asked to count backwards from  63 to 41.

“Fifty-three, 52, 51, 50, 54, 53, 52, 51, 50,” she counts. “Forty, 41, 42 and 43. Was that correct?”

Another deputy helps the boy out of the car. As she is arrested, Roybal-Vigil waves to her son.

He says,  “I love you mom,” and she replies, “Love you too dude.”

Roybal-Vigil and Quintana were both arrested and charged with DWI. Though Roybal-Vigil has since been released, Quintana remains behind bars. After his parents were arrested, the boy was placed in the custody of a relative.

Rios told KRQE that it was a dangerous situation.

“Driving impaired is reckless, and when you have another person in the car, it only exacerbates the situation,” he said.

Sources: KRQE, My Fox Philly

Image via KRQE