Donald Trump Suggests Edward Snowden Should Be Executed for Leaks

| by Emily Smith
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Donald Trump officially dismissed Edward Snowden as a traitor to the United States on Monday after reminding “Fox and Friends” viewers that spies were once executed for revealing sensitive information.

“This guy is a bad guy,” Trump said.

Trump added that Snowden’s decision to leak information embarrassed the United States and weakened its international influence. He voiced concern about the length of Snowden’s capture and he was outraged that it could take months or even years to find the man and called the United States’ efforts pathetic.

Trump asserted that the United States has become a “very different nation” and suggested that Snowden’s whistleblowing was the primary cause of its decline.

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“You have to take a strong hand,” Trump said, warning that a weak stance on the situation could hurt the country.

Snowden sent both the U.S. government and the media on a wild goose chase Monday morning after a handful of journalists boarded a plane to Havana that Snowden was allegedly boarding.

Some believe Snowden still resides in Moscow, where he fled after the United States filed for extradition during his Hong Kong stay.

Sources: Mediaite, The Huffington Post