Crazy Viral Clip Shows Russian Man Punching Out Another Man's Car Windshield (Video)

| by Dominic Kelly

A shocking new viral video showing a Russian man smashing another driver’s car window with his bare hands paints a good picture of the road rage problem currently plaguing Russia.

The man in the video, 32-year-old Pavel Hmoulenko, reportedly got into an argument with 40-year-old driver Artem Gloubkov that resulted in the violent altercation on the Moscow ring road. Hmoulenko can be seen beating the hood and side of the car, ripping off the windshield wipers, bending the car’s bumper, and, eventually, smashing the front windshield with his bare fist.

Police responded to the scene before the incident escalated any more, and authorities say that, unfortunately, situations like this are not uncommon in the country.

“This latest incident is being investigated, and it will not be the last,” said a Moscow police spokesperson. “Drivers’ tempers are frayed to the limit by the stresses of modern life.”

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Take a look at the crazy road rage video below.