Cops In Florida Called To Investigate Kiss Between Two 7-Year-Old Classmates

| by Sean Kelly

Police officers in Florida were reportedly called to an elementary school to investigate whether a kiss between two 7-year-old classmates was “unnatural and lascivious.”

On Tuesday, a deputy with the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to a local elementary school to investigate an incident in which students kissed “on the lips,” according to an incident report.

Deputy April Culbreath met with the teacher who “witnessed” the incident and concluded that, despite the question of whether or not the act was “unnatural and lascivious,” there was no reason to continue investigating. The charge description on the incident report was noted as lewd and lascivious.

“There is no indication that there was anything sexual about this incident,” Culbreath wrote. “This case should be closed unfounded.”

Sources: Smoking Gun, Daily Mail

Photo Credit:, Wikimedia Commons