Biker Battle Takes A Scary Turn

| by Sean Kelly
the aftermath of a biker gunfightthe aftermath of a biker gunfight

A disagreement between biker gangs at a Colorado motorcycle expo escalated to a shooting that left one person dead.

According to 9 News, one person died and seven others were injured after two biker groups engaged in a gun fight at the National Western Complex.

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Four people were shot in the incident, one was stabbed, and three suffered injuries that pointed to evidence of a fist fight. 

“Most of them were members of motorcycle clubs,” Denver Police Chief Robert White said, reported 9 News. “Whether they are local or out-of-town is yet to be determined.”

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The average American throws away 82lbs of clothes:

Witness Darren Moffitt said he was eating with his brother when he heard gunshots in the room. He and the others in the restaurant at the complex took cover under tables, and he soon realized what had happened.

“I look down at my feet and I was walking through a pool of blood,” he told 9 News. “Not even a stream, but a pool.”

Denver officials subsequently canceled the Colorado Motorcycle Expo the following day out of respect for the investigation that began after the shooting.

“This is an event that has taken place for over 30 years, and we haven’t had any serious incidents that occurred,” White said, according to 9 News. 

“Right now we’re calling this a shooting,” White said, adding that investigators currently have reason to believe there was more than one shooter. “And whether it was motorcycle gang-related or motorcycle club-related has yet to be determined.”

Sources: 9 News, Denver Post / Photo credit: 9 News