Only 1 In 15 People Can See The Secret Image In This Comic Book Cover (Photo)

| by Lisa Fogarty
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The cover of the latest issue of Chrononauts contains a secret image -- but it's one that only 1 in 15 people are going to be able to see. 

The comic book's creators Mark Millar and Sean Gordon Murphy revealed that an hourglass shape pictured inside of the clock on the watch that appears on the comic's cover can only be seen by 1 percent of the population, and that those individuals have a "semi-rare sporadic form of color-blindness due to abnormal wiring in occipital lobe," Murphy explained in a tweet.

"What's interesting is the artistic brains--they're all right-brain dominant which means artists, musicians, writers more likely to..." he also tweeted, according to the Blaze.

The image has created a debate on social media similar to the one that took place last month over a dress which was either thought of as gold and white or blue and black, depending on the viewer. 

Source: The Blaze

Photo Credit: Mark Millar/Twitter 

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