Woman's Arms Almost Ripped Off By Alsatians At Unlicensed Dog Training Compound

| by Dominic Kelly

Doctors are currently working hard to save a woman’s arms after she was brutally attacked by two Alsatians at an unlicensed dog-training compound in England.

Reports say that the woman was viciously attacked by the dogs, causing “life-changing” injuries, and after her arms were almost ripped off, surgeons are carefully trying to ensure that she is able to keep them.

When police arrived at the scene, they discovered the two Alsatians responsible for mauling the woman, as well as 99 other dogs on the compound. Reports say that the dogs were kept at the compound to be trained for work in the security industry. Two men, ages 20 and 27, were arrested when police got to the compound.

“Officers are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding this serious incident,” said Chief Inspector Gerry McDonald, according to the Inquisitr. “A number of officers, including dog handlers and firearms officers are at the location as a precaution to ensure public and officer safety until we can fully understand what has happened. At this time we believe the scene is contained and that none of the dogs homed are currently on the loose, however we would ask members of the public to remain vigilant and avoid the area where possible until further notice. If you do see a loose dog in this part of the county please call the police straight away.”

While doctors fight to save the woman’s arms, a police spokesman says that they are working to bring the dogs found at the compound to new homes.

“The compound contains outbuildings and a significant number of dogs were found to be homed at the location,” said the spokesman. “Two dogs have been seized as part of the investigation and officers will be working with other agencies to identify the other dogs at the location and re-home them appropriately.”

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