Viral Film of Dog Fighting and Cruelty in Edmonds, WA; Owner Rose Adams Arrested (Graphic Video)

| by Denise A Justin
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For at least the past three years, Rose Adams of Edmonds, Washington, has kept numerous dogs, including Pit Bulls, in her home and yard and allowed them to fight, injure or kill each other, according to neighbors and her own son, Logan Brolaith, reports KOMO-TV.

Finally, last week, neighbor Keith Eckert said he decided he had heard enough of the disturbing noises of dogs being torn apart in fights and their unending screams of pain.

"Get a video, get pictures, get as much as you can," Eckert said, and that is exactly what he did. Eckert climbed onto the high wall of his adjoining property and looked over the wood fencing added above it to block neighbors from actually seeing into Adams’ yard.

He captured on his cell phone a video of a horrific attack by three large Pit Bulls on a smaller white female, Sadie, which is heart wrenching. The video also shows a big man kicking one of the dogs, and Rose Adams dragging a Pit Bull by its hind legs.

Eckert said, "Seeing those dogs limp, seeing the dogs in pain, seeing just all that. It was just heartbreaking

Logan Brolaith, Adams' son, told KOMO, "Those fights on the video are all par for the course. I can vouch for that having lived with her." He said it got so bad that he moved out in February.

Keith Eckert and Logan Brolaith took the agonizing video to KOMO and news editors decided to air it and make it public. The video quickly went viral worldwide and got the attention of Edmonds Police Department and animal control. Rose Adams is shown on the later broadcast (video below) being arrested for having too many dogs and is under investigation for animal cruelty.

She had 14 dogs in her house and yard. The legal limit in Edmonds is five. Edmonds Police Sgt. Mark Marsh said, "There is a possibility of criminal charges in this matter.”.

Thanks to the bravery and compassion of neighbor Keith Eckert, Adams’ son Logan Brolaith, and KOMO News, hopefully, the misery for the dogs in Rose Adams’ possession has ended.

Logan Brolaith said that he and Adams' neighbors have repeatedly reported her. KOMO reports that neighbors were so fed up and heartbroken over the continual sounds of the dogfights that they lined the street to watch the dogs being removed from the house and the owner, Rose Adams being arrested.

Sarah O'Connor said, "With the pit bull jumping over the fence, I've feared for my life and my children's life.”

Neighbors blew kisses and well wishes for the future of every dog removed from the home, KOMO reports


This case is receiving wide attention by established, responsible rescue organizations in Los Angeles, who are asking, “Where was Rose Adams getting these dogs?” Is it possible she was receiving Pit Bulls transported from Southern California animal shelters or rescuers? There is speculation that at least one of the Pit Bulls in this video at Rose Adams’ yard may have been transported to Washington from a Los Angeles City shelter.

Dog--and especially Pit Bull--overpopulation is a nationwide problem. Yet there are “rescuers” who constantly comment in social media that all the dogs (including Pit Bulls) going to Oregon, Washington and Canada are finding “forever” homes. There is no proof of the destination of the animals after they are packed into unmarked vans and driven (reportedly for a fee) to other states—mainly in the Northwest.

Lets’ hope the investigation of this case by Edmonds Police also discloses information on the origin of these and other dogs that have lived in terror and been wounded or killed in torturous fights at Rose Adams home, so that fears can either be confirmed or allayed.

WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO: Animal Cruelty Caught On Cell Phone Camera! (Full Abuse Video)-(WATCH TO END)


Source: Seattle Dog Spot