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Kitten Recovering After Giant Bug Removed From Nose

| by Jordan Smith

A kitten living in Nebraska is recovering after veterinarians pulled a large bug from its nose (video below).

The owners brought the cat to their local humane society after its nose began to swell, according to KMTV. 

The Nebraska Humane Society posted about the incident on its Facebook page.

"It’s cuterebra season here at NHS and last week we had a little dilute tortie (tortoiseshell) /white kitten come in with one of these perpetrators in an unusual place,” wrote NHS, according to The Telegraph.

NHS explained that cuterebra usually target small animals, especially if they are frequently outside.

“These opportunistic parasites do not seek out animals, but when an animal wanders by, the eggs attach and hatch in response to the host’s body heat,” stated the NHS.

Cuterebra larva can trigger infections if not treated.

“The reason we see it in cats in particular, especially kittens, is that they’re small so they’re compromised," Dr. Elizabeth Farrington, the NHS veterinarian who removed the cuterebra, told KMTV. "They don’t groom themselves as well so they’re not going to get rid of it, they might ingest it,

If an owner sees one in their pet, veterinarians advise to make an appointment and not to try and remove it yourself.

“A good owner is going to start noticing the animal is pawing at themselves, or something is itchy or bothering them and they'll take them into their veterinarian," Farrington added. "So often times we'll see these guys, these little Cuterebra when they're much smaller than when they get to this size

Sources: KMTV, The Telegraph / Photo credit: Nebraska Humane Society/Facebook via The Telegraph

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