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Animal Rights

PETA Wants to Buy Drone to Spy on Hunters, Factory Farms

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People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) wants to buy a drone to "stalk hunters," the organization announced on Monday.

PETA is planning to use the drone to film illegal hunting and abusive factory farms, and give the video to law enforcement, reports TheBlaze.com.

"PETA soon have some impressive new weapons at its disposal to combat those who gun down deer and doves," said PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk in a statement. "PETA is shopping for one or more drone aircraft with which to monitor those who are out in the woods with death on their minds. The talk is usually about drones being used as killing machines, but PETA drones will be used to save lives."

PETA will probably have to get a certificate of authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration.

Kaitlynn Kelly, a rep for PETA, told U.S. News that the group will soon seek FAA approval and hopes to have permission to fly this fall.

"We're not releasing the locations that we have in mind, but we will look into the Northeast, bighorn sheep hunts and bowhunts because those are especially cruel," said Kelly.

Sources: TheBlaze.com and U.S. News

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