London Police Smash Car Windows To Save Dog From Heat

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Police smashed the windows of a car in north London on Friday to save a dog trapped inside from the heat.

The dog was reportedly hiding at the bottom of the car seats on the driver’s side on the hottest day of the year with no water, according to the London Evening Standard.

Officials said they had to break in to save the animal.

"This dog was left in this car on the hottest day of the year with no water or ventilation,” said Sgt Richard Berns, who posted a picture of the car. “It has both now."

The car was left in Finsbury Park and the owner was not around when police saw the dog. Officials talked to the owner when the owner arrived back at the park. They also arranged a visit with the RSPCA.

Source: London Evening Standard, Photo Credit: @MPSBrownwood

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