Graham Anley Rescues His Dog, Then Wife During Shipwreck


Graham and Sheryl Anley's 36-foot yacht was recently shipwrecked on a reef near East London, South Africa.

"As the incident happened Graham sent a Mayday radio distress call and activated the EPIRB (Global Positioning Distress Beacon) but they were immediately forced to abandon ship," said National Sea Rescue Institute North London station commander Georff McGregor.

Fortunately, the couple and their Jack Russell terrier "Rosie" all had lifejackets. In fact, Rosie had a custom-made life jacket with an emergency strobe light.

Graham had to decide who to help to shore first, his wife, or Rosie.

"He first swam Rosie ashore safely before returning for his wife, whose safety line had snagged on the steering gear," McGregor told IOL News.

Once all three were safely on shore, Graham used his cell phone to call for help and they were rescued.

No word if Graham is in the dog house.

Source: IOL News


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