Former AZ Mayor Diane Vick’s Dog Photos Released by Bullhead City Police

| by Phyllis M Daugherty

There was a lot of speculation this week regarding the breed or breeds of dogs involved in the tragic incident that occurred last Saturday at the home of Thomas Vick and former Bullhead City Mayor Diane Vick. has published photos released by the Bulhead City Police Department, showing the five dogs that survived a melee that started when the Vick’s Boxer, Dempsey, (pictured) and their Cocker Spaniel got into a fight.

It is not unusual canine behavior for the other four family dogs to have joined in the frenzy and begin fighting with each other, although—from the photos—none appears to have sustained any notable wounds.

Sadly, the Boxer began biting the Vicks, according to the report, and Thomas Vick, 64, was fatally mauled. Diane Vick, 65, was also injured as the couple tried to break up the six dogs.

Popular Mohave High School teacher Tom Vick succumbed to his injuries on Sunday, authorities reported, after both husband and wife were flown to a hospital in Las Vegas for treatment.

Diane Vick was released from the hospital early this week and reportedly returned home to recover.

Bullhead City police officials state that the remaining dogs (pictured below) are being held in a 10-day quarantine by animal control and will be euthanized at the request of the Vick family, reports. Their Cocker Spaniel did not survive his injuries.

This is a sad and difficult situation for all but the transparency and frequent information updates by Bullhead City police officials have minimized anxiety and will help the family and the entire community find closure and heal.

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Credit: Bullhead City Police Department

Credit: Bullhead City Police Department

Credit: Bullhead City Police Department

Credit: Bullhead City Police Department

Source: AZ Family