11-Year-Old Girl Kills Cougar That Was Stalking Her Brother


An 11-year-old girl is making headlines this morning after shooting a vicious cougar that was following her 13-year-old brother home.

Yes, this girl is a badass.

Shelby White, an experienced hunter in her own right, was handed a gun by her father when he noticed the cougar following her brother home. This is actually the fourth cougar that has been shot on the White family’s property, so in the moment, this young girl knew exactly what to do.

According to her dad, the Washington State girl “wasn’t scared a bit” and had enough training to know how to handle the gun and shoot the target. So when her father handed her the gun and instructed her to shoot the cougar, she didn’t even hesitate.

Interestingly enough, Shelby is the only one in her family with a license to shoot a cougar, although it’s been reported that just a week prior, her 9-year-old brother shot and killed one himself.


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