9-Year-Old Girl Finds Huge White Diamond At Park (Photo)

| by Jonathan Constante
Grace Houston holding her prized 1.53 carat white diamond.Grace Houston holding her prized 1.53 carat white diamond.

A Missouri girl found a 1.53 carat white diamond while wet sifting with her grandmother.

Grace Houston, 9, was on a mission to find a diamond on July 23, and she did just that.

According to Betty Coors, who is a Park Interpreter at Crater of Diamonds State Park in Murfreesboro, Grace found a 1.53 carat white diamond, KTHV reported.

It all started when Grace’s family planned a surprise trip to Crater of Diamonds State Park about six months ago. 

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The young girl’s love for geology was quickly rewarded, as she stumbled upon a valuable white diamond.

When asked if she would turn the diamond into a necklace or save it for an engagement ring when she got older, Grace said it was out of the question.

“No! I would never put such a rare and special and precious thing into an expensive piece of jewelry,” Grace said, notes WGRZ.

Grace said she intends to keep the diamond in its natural state.

Sources: KTHV, WGRZ / Photo credit: Betty Coors via KHTV

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