Black Man And Police Officer Pray Together (Photo)

| by John Freund
Prayer in Wal-MartPrayer in Wal-Mart

A picture on Facebook of a Georgia man praying with a police officer is quickly going viral. 

Avery Rosser, of Columbus, Georgia, is hand-in-hand with Muscogee County Marshal's Office Deputy, Clinton Powell, WAGA reports. The caption under the photo reads, "We all need Prayer." 

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The image was taken inside a Wal-Mart in Columbus, and has been shared on Facebook thousands of times. Muscogee County Marshal Greg Countryman also uploaded the image to his Facebook page.  

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The average American throws away 82lbs of clothes:

"Glory to God!" Countryman said. "In light of everything going on around us, it's good to see citizens interact with a Muscogee County Marshal's Office deputy to pray together. This brings things into perspective.  Awesome."

Responses on Facebook were similar in nature.  One user wrote, "Thank you for doing this!  Prayer is what we need."  

Another added, "I'm praying with y'all babe.  A change has got to come."  

The image was also capture by a Wal-Mart shopper who happened to spot the two men in prayer.  The shopper, Wesley Mears, wrote, "Just walked in Walmart and saw this.  This is absolutely amazing.  This is what will save us from ourselves."

Sources: WAGA, Avery Rosser/Facebook / Photo credit: Facebook via WAGA