Watch: Kitten Barks Like Dog Before Doing 'Sliding Dance Moves' For Camera (Video)

| by Khier Casino

Meet Bun Bun, an exotic shorthair kitten who thinks he is a dog.

Even his name is so adorable you can’t stop yourself from wanting to squeeze him. But once you watch a clip (below) of Bun Bun barking like a canine, you will love him more.

The description below the video says:

"5-week-old Exotic Shorthair kitten, Bun Bun, is a born entertainer. Oftentimes when a camera is pointed at him, Bun Bun barks like a puppy and improvises some sliding dance moves."

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The clip, titled “Kitten Bun Bun's Funny Reactions to Camera,” was first posted to YouTube in July 2013 by sweetfurx4, but resurfaced recently, racking up more than 2 million views.

A YouTube user commented: “Omg is this kitty barking. It's too adorable.”

Another wrote: “I think evry (sic) part of my body just threw up rainbows :3”

Check out the whole video here:

In April, we reported on a viral video featuring a cat with its head sticking out of a window and making barking noises. But the cat immediately switches back to meowing when it notices its owner behind it.

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Photo Credit: Screenshots via Sweetfurx4/YouTube