See One Dad's Clever Way To Motivate His Daughter Into Getting Better Grades (Photo)

| by Emily Smith
Phone in Case.Phone in Case.

One dad and Reddit user was exasperated after his teenage daughter put more time into using her phone than keeping her grades up, so he created a clever answer to the problem.

The girl’s phone is now behind glass and flanked by two flames. The text underneath the phone reads: “In case of ‘B’ break glass.”

According to the Reddit user, FistFullofCookies, his daughter is currently making a D- in math.

Reddit user Spitfire6532 noted that the man's daughter probably wasn’t too thrilled about the new phone case, but that the case is probably a great motivational tool.

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The girl is not the only one who has a hard time staying away from her phone. According to a study cited by Time, 84 percent of survey takers said they couldn’t go a day without using their cellphones. A Mobile Mindset study claimed 60 percent of smartphone users couldn’t go more than one hour without checking their phones. 

Sources: IJ Review, The Daily Dot

Photo Credit: Reddit