See One Dad's Clever Way To Motivate His Daughter Into Getting Better Grades (Photo)

| by Emily Smith

One dad and Reddit user was exasperated after his teenage daughter put more time into using her phone than keeping her grades up, so he created a clever answer to the problem.

The girl’s phone is now behind glass and flanked by two flames. The text underneath the phone reads: “In case of ‘B’ break glass.”

According to the Reddit user, FistFullofCookies, his daughter is currently making a D- in math.

Reddit user Spitfire6532 noted that the man's daughter probably wasn’t too thrilled about the new phone case, but that the case is probably a great motivational tool.

The girl is not the only one who has a hard time staying away from her phone. According to a study cited by Time, 84 percent of survey takers said they couldn’t go a day without using their cellphones. A Mobile Mindset study claimed 60 percent of smartphone users couldn’t go more than one hour without checking their phones. 

Sources: IJ Review, The Daily Dot

Photo Credit: Reddit