Report: Man Caught On Video Stealing Tablet At Soccer Press Conference

| by Michael Allen

A man identified as Roberto Mosky reportedly stole a tablet computer that was left on a table at a press conference after a soccer game in Argentina last weekend between the Independiente and Boca Juniors.

Jorge Almiron, head coach of the Independiente, had just left the media event when Mosky walked over, picked up the tablet and looked directly at the TV camera that was filming him, reports (video below).

Mosky was later identified by the Independiente, according to, per a translation by

Mosky subsequently wrote an apology on his Facebook page, noted

"I Roberto Mosky... I apologize, unreservedly. For having taken the tablet after Jorge Almiron’s press conference. It was not done with malicious animosity or thievery. In an act of anger, powerlessness and not being in my right mind, I took something that was not for me. I already contacted Independiente to apologize, to give back what is not mine. And as for the anti-Independiente press, pundits and many more, do not make a fire of something that was just an ember burning badly. Let this burn out with me facing up to it, as it should be."

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