Mother Cat Adopts Chihuahua Babies As Her Own (Video)

| by Kit Bryer
A small chihuahua puppy on a plaid blanket. A small chihuahua puppy on a plaid blanket.

When a chihuahua rejected her premature puppies after giving birth the quick thinking of SPCA staff found the tiny pups a new mom (video below). 

Debra Cantwell, a SPCA adoption coordinator, was working at a SPCA in Florida when a pregnant chihuahua gave birth to a small litter of puppies. The births were premature, but two of the four puppies delivered that day survived. Unfortunately, the mother chihuahua didn't want to take care of her newborns.

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"We had a little chihuahua that was very pregnant and had her babies prematurely," Cantwell told USA Today. "Two of them didn't make it, but she didn't want the other two."

The premature puppies weighed barely a couple ounces each and didn't stand much chance of survival without a mother to nurse them. Having had luck with surrogate's for orphaned animals in the past, Cantwell's team moved fast to find the pair of abandoned chihuahua's a foster mom, hoping a mother cat might accept them as her own.

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People were so furious about this Pepsi ad that Pepsi pulled it after just one day. Watch it here and decide if it's offensive:

"We had a nursing cat upstairs that had newborn babies," Cantwell said. "We took the puppies and put them on her to see if she would like them and she loved them."

The mother cat, Nessy, immediately bonded with the puppies, taking them under her wing and caring for them as if they were her own. In the video the siamese mix can be seen lovingly nuzzling the puppies while Cantwell shows them to the camera, impatiently waiting for her to put them back down with the rest of the litter, before curling up with them for a snuggle and a nap.

"I think they're just a cute little family," Cantwell added. "And I think she's doing a great job raising them." 

SPCA staff believe the puppies will bond and play with Nessy's kittens while they all grow up together as littermates. 

As sad is it is any time a small animal is orphaned before it is able to live without a mother, it seems the animal kingdom has equipped functioning maternal instincts to work across species. Stories of mother cats adopting orphaned puppies aren't at all unheard of.

In April 2016 an orphaned puppy, also a chihuahua, made the news when he was also taken in by a nursing cat. 

"After he's big enough, we are going to get him in foster care among dogs, so he can learn to be a dog," Michigan Humane Society staff member Ryan McTigue told ABC News, "He'll be a good ambassador for both species, that's for sure."

Just a month earlier, another unconventional group was in the news after two puppies were orphaned. Their mother was hit by a car and the two pups, just two weeks old, were too young to survive alone. They each joined one mother cat at a local SPCA and were, like the other, instantly part of the litter.

The puppies sleep with the kittens," shelter supervisor, Chris Bussy, told Huffington Post. "They're one big happy family.

Sources: USA Today, ABC News, Huffington Post / Photo credit: 27707/Pixabay