Minnesota Boys Pay Up For Vandalizing Porta-Potties After Ratted Out By Parents

| by Mackenzie Fleming

The parents of two Minnesota boys made them write apology letters and pay for damage done after vandalizing a portable bathroom, Fox 9 reported. The parents of Farmington, Minnesota, are now being praised for ratting out their sons after the company posted a short synopsis of the incident along with a photo of the money and hand-written apologies earlier this week. 

“Good parenting alert! These two local boys were busted damaging our portable restrooms in a local park,” the Schlomka’s Portable & Mobile Pressure Washing LLC post read. “The parents contacted the city and the police to make a report. They insisted on holding the boys responsible for their actions. I declined to press charges and said that cost of repair and services would amount to roughly $50.00.”

The company included that it received the payment of dollars and coins on Aug. 19 from the 14-year-old and his younger brother. The cash was meant to pay for their services and repairs and came with “a heartfelt apology from both young men — these parents put their foot down and taught these boys not to cross the line again.”

The brothers allegedly tried to vandalize the porta-potty by attempting to tip it over and pull things off of one of the units, according to owner Dan Schlomka. 

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Source: Fox 9 / Photo credit: Schlomka’s Portable & Mobile Pressure Washing LLC via Fox 9