Man Shocks Onlookers By Ordering Food From McDonald's Drive-Thru While Riding A Horse

| by Jonathan Constante
Hose Drive-Thru.Hose Drive-Thru.

A Pennsylvania man visited a McDonald’s drive-thru using an unconventional form of transportation: he rode a horse.

McDonald’s customers were stunned and amused as they watched a mysterious man in a yellow helmet order food from the drive-thru window as he sat on a white and brown horse.

The hungry rider was spotted at a local McDonald’s in Coatesville in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

Some onlookers took to social media to report the unusual incident.

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Twitter user @Erykahh wrote, “why is there a horse in McDonald’s drive thu?” with a photo of the the horse attached to it.

A customer by the name of Regan Williams also posted a picture of the horse on social media, with the caption, “Found a guy on a horse outside of McDonald’s.”

But this isn’t the first time an unlikely animal appeared in an unexpected location.

Last year, a pony was spotted visiting an HSBC ATM in Cardiff, Wales, Daily Star reported.

A picture of the pony was shared on social media with many users developed theories on how the pony might have ended up at an ATM in the city at 5 a.m.

One Facebook use speculated that the pony “probably needed some cash to buy carrots.” The investigation is ongoing.

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Photo Credit: Twitter and Facebook via Daily Mirror