Life Hack: How To Turn Bag Of Potato Chips Into Resealable Bag (Video)

| by Khier Casino

A video shows how to turn a bag of unfinished potato chips into a resealable bag and keep the chips as fresh as when you first bought them.

All you need to make this resealable bag in your own home is: two thick straws, a pair of scissors, and a bag of your favorite snack.

The life hack video (below), posted to YouTube by the geniuses over at Rumble Viral, starts off by cutting up the middle of one of the straws. Next, take the second straw and fold the open part of the bag tightly over it. Then, place the first straw on top of the other straw and slide it across the width of the bag, creating a tight seal.

The thickness of the straws matter because a skinnier one would not be able to fit across both the second straw and bag, according to the Daily Mail.

Check out the whole video here:

A different tutorial shows another quick way to make your own Ziploc bag using a plastic bottle and cutting off the top, saving the neck and screw-on lid. After inserting the top of a bag through the bottom of the bottle neck and folding the edges over the lid, screw the cap on over the bag.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Morning Call / Photo Credit: bobbytv via Rumble Viral/YouTube