Mother Has Shocking Encounter At Target

| by Sean Kelly

An Ohio mother's response to a man asking if she's pregnant went viral.

Lindsay Kay Self took to Facebook to share her experience at a local Target, where she said that a man approached her and asked if she was expecting. Instead of shaming him for the seemingly inappropriate question, she delivered the perfect response, as noted by Mommypage:

I laughed and told him 'if you're asking when I'm expecting my 9 week old to sleep for longer than 45 minutes, I'm hoping soon.' His look of joy immediately turned to complete embarrassment and shame.

I wish I would have said more. I wish I would have told him that there is nothing to be ashamed of - not for him or for me. This body grew a freaking human (two of them, for that matter) and has continued to nourish said human for 9 weeks. This bump was my child's home for 9+ months. This bump is his favorite place to nap. These arms, that could use some toning, lifted my son out of the water and held him as he took his first breath. They will hold him tonight as he fights sleep. They will pick him up when he [scrapes] a knee and hug him when he experiences his first heartbreak.

This body isn't shameful, this body is amazing. It barely resembles the body [it] once was - it has grown and stretched and has a few scars to prove it. Just like my heart that loves more than I could have ever imagined. Just like my mind that often races with thoughts of child rearing and art projects and milk supply and the number of wet diapers my son had and "did I turn off the oven" and the theme song to Daniel Tiger.

So, I am expecting. I'm expecting love and laughter; hugs and temper tantrums; choir concerts and first kisses; graduations and groundings. I could not be more blessed, and I have this bump to thank."

Self concluded her post by calling on readers to thank and appreciate their mothers, their wives and their friends who've given birth, and to never be ashamed of their baby bump and the physical changes that happen because of a pregnancy.

"Parenting is not for the faint of heart, and we are never the same for it. If you have a bump because you were given the gift to carry a child be proud, not ashamed, for it's a gift denied to many," she wrote.

Self's post quickly went viral, garnering over 3,000 shares.

"Beautifully written!" one reader commented.

"OMG, this is amazing, and just what I needed to hear," another wrote. "You are so right!"

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