Father Lets His 4-Year-Old Daughter Tattoo Him

| by Amanda Andrade-Rhoades

Brad Bellomo is a tattoo artist and the owner of 3rd Eye Tattoo in Largo, Florida, and apparently his artistic talents run in the family. 

On Oct. 21, Brad let his 4-year-old daughter, Chloe Bellomo, give him a tattoo, Scary Mommy reported. Chloe gave him a brightly-colored strawberry on his arm and he shared the tattoo on his Facebook.

Brad taught his daughter how to wield a tattoo gun earlier in October. 

The original photo of Chloe tattooing her father was removed from Facebook because another user reported it was “graphic violence,” but the photo is back online and has been liked more than 118,000 times.

Chloe’s bright tattoo isn’t done yet. Brad plans to add a ‘W’ inside the strawberry in the style of the hip hop group Wu-Tag Clan. Chloe is apparently a fan of singing “bah bah black sheep have (you) berry wu.”

Sources: Scary Mommy, Bob-tat/Facebook / Photo credit: Bob-tat/Facebook