ESPN Analyst Makes Sexist Joke About Female Drivers (Video)

| by Michael Allen
Joey GallowayJoey Galloway

Earlier this week, two Fox Sports announcers poked fun at some college girls for taking selfies at a baseball game. On Oct. 1, ESPN analyst Joey Galloway joked about female drivers on "College Football Live" (video below).

Galloway made his comment during a discussion about whether LSU running back Leonard Fournette should not play next season in order to stay healthy for a future NFL career.

ESPN analyst Trevor Matich said sitting out next season would be a good idea because South Carolina running back Marcus Lattimore suffered a career-ending injury before making it to the NFL draft, reports Uproxx.

“That’s like saying, 'Don’t drive a car because you might get in an accident,'" Galloway responded.

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“When you drive a car, you don’t have SEC defenders diving into your legs 25 times a game,” Matich countered

“No, you’ve got women driving,” Galloway fired back.

ESPN host Chris Cotter stepped in: "Now you're going down a road that we just don't want to do."

Galloway responded with a quick "sorry."

Sources:, Houston Chronicle / Photo Credit: ESPN/YouTube Screenshot