Dog Discovers The Joy Of Whipped Cream (Video)

| by Robert Fowler

Whipped cream can be a delightful indulgence when consumed in moderation. Tasting a dollop of the fluffy treat straight out of the can is irresistible for some people when they make a trip to the refrigerator. When a pooch found a canister on the ground, he sucked it dry (video below).

Casey Officer heard the fizzing sound of a whip cream canister emanating from her kitchen. The mother suspected that one of her children was sneaking a dessert during the middle of the day. It turned out that the greedy culprit was not her kids but the family dog, Shareably reports.

Officer had expected to catch her daughter, Hanna, red-handed with the canister of whipped cream. Instead, she found her pet lying on the ground and gorging himself on the fluffy treat.

"So I go into the kitchen because I think I hear Hanna in here doing whipped cream, and I find this!" Officer said aloud as she video-recorded the hilarious scene.

The pooch, who doesn't look like he feels the least bit guilty after getting caught, closed his mouth around the nozzle of the can and yanked upward. The whipped cream hissed into his mouth as he licked the nozzle dry.

Officer doubled over in laughter as her dog lapped up the dessert straight out of the can. She was too amused to be peeved.

The dog owner upload the video onto her Facebook page, where it has since garnered over 125,000 shares.

If the pooch wanted whipped cream, he could have just trotted up to the local Starbucks, which serves the treat from their secret menu, according to Uproxx.

Patrons of the coffee chain can order an espresso-sized cup of whipped cream for their furry friends. The free item is called the "Puppuccino."

The Kitsap Humane Society regularly takes out the dogs under their care for a Puppuccino run. The animal shelter's social media account has helped popularize the secret item by posting pictures of their pooches feasting on the treat.

Dogs may love whipped cream, but they should only be treated to a Puppuccino once in awhile. Some dogs are lactose intolerant, meaning that lapping up the dairy product can give them intestinal problems. Whipped cream is also sugary and high in saturated fat, which can cause a pooch to be overweight or develop dental cavities, according to Can I Give My Dog.

While Officer’s dog could have developed a stomach ache after sucking down the can of whipped cream, his shenanigans still made for an adorable viral video.

Sources: Can I Give My DogCasey Officer/FacebookShareably, Uproxx / Photo credit: Carnivore Locavore/Flickr

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