Can You Guess How Many Squares There Are?

| by John Freund
Squares puzzleSquares puzzle

Can you tell how many squares are in the following picture?  The solution is listed below, so don't scroll too far yet!

The puzzle was created by a Playbuzz user.  Playbuzz is a website that allows users to create content for other users to engage with, such as puzzles, games, polls, flip cards, quizzes, and more. 

The Daily Mail reports that for this puzzle, participants are required to count all of the squares in the picture.  It sounds simple enough, but give it a try -- it's actually quite difficult. 

There happen to be more squares than meets the eye.  

The shape is made up of eight tiny squares, 18 single squares, nine 2-by-2 squares, four 3-by3 squares, and one large 4-by-4 square, bringing the total number of squares to 40.

Sources: Daily Mail, Playbuzz / Photo credit: Trae McNeely, fprzaa10/Playbuzz

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