Camel Poops On Cleveland TV News Set, Anchor Cleans Up With Shovel (Video)

| by Michael Allen

A camel defecated during a live Fox 8 news broadcast in Cleveland On Nov. 16 (video below).

Jungle Terry, a local animal wrangler and trainer, had brought the animal on the set along with a sheep. After the accident, news anchor Kristi Capel sprang into action and used a large shovel to remove the foul mess, notes

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Capel has worked as a news anchor, meteorologist, traffic reporter, and, now, "animal waste remover," according to Fox 8. She scooped up more dung later in the segment, bringing laughter and delight to those on the set. The news station notes that other animals have also had accidents in the past: a goat, reindeer and tarantula ... wait, what?

Sources:, Fox 8 / Photo Credit: Fox 8 Screenshot