Boy Curses Newspaper Editor For Cutting His Sunday Comics (Video)

| by Michael Allen

An eight-year-old boy in Bloomington, Indiana, recently left a voicemail for the editor of a local newspaper, which had discontinued some of his favorite Sunday comic strips.

The voicemail (video below) was polite until the end when the boy added, “Idiots, jerks, shi-holes ... shi-holes.”

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The message was left for Herald-Times editor Bob Zaltsberg who later wrote:

"He was still pretty mad when I talked with him this morning, but he was relieved to hear he'd still be able to read Frank & Ernest six times a week."

"His mom told me he admitted to her he hadn't been as nice as he should have been on his voice message. I told her we were planning to post the audio, minus the identifying information she'd left on the message, and she laughed and said that would be fine."

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The average American throws away 82lbs of clothes:

The Herald-Times' decision to cut the syndicated comics was because it was unable to get a lower rate from Universal Uclick.

"We replaced them with 13 others from Creators and King," Zaltsberg told Jim Romenesko. "We haven’t had an onslaught on callers [complaining]. I had explained in a column that this was a cost-reduction issue, and I think some readers took pity on us."

“I thought it was a very funny thing, but still an eight year old calling me a shi-hole isn’t that pleasant," added Zaltsberg.

Sources: Jim Romenesko, Herald-Times
Image Credit: George Herriman