2011 NFL Mock Draft: Jimmy Smith

| by Off The Record

Every year before the NFL draft, there is tons of speculation about this player and that player and whose stock is rising, whose is falling and what players have been erased off of teams’ draft boards completely. And as far as that last point, there are rumors that some teams have wiped Colorado CB Jimmy Smith completely off of their boards due to character concerns.

Many think that this incredibly talented kid could fall out of the first round completely because of failed drug tests and minor arrests that have thrown flags straight up in the sky.

However, one NFL GM tells Tom Kowalski of that Smith’s “off-field stuff isn’t going to downgrade him nearly as much as people think.”

While they don’t think that Smith will be taken where the Detroit Lions are picking (No. 13), they don’t think it’s going to be a huge slide for him as many predict. He could be a very attractive option for the Philadelphia Eagles at No. 23, especially since they’ve already had him in for a visit.

As always…we’ll see.

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